Why Choose GEO Builders?

Making the change from being solely qualified builders to taking on the combined role of both builder and director has meant that both Grant and Blair Oughton have been able to drive their proud Canterbury business based on their own values and insight.

Led by a desire to offer a more personal service and improve a clients’ experience throughout the building process, Crusader Homes is built upon the values of professional, quality workmanship, backed by personal service. We uphold this service by ensuring we maintain open communication and are available to speak direct to our clients whenever requested.

We offer a level of building expertise that is driven by our passion for quality and precision workmanship. As a small company we have the focus to plan carefully, consult with our clients fully, and drive each of our build projects to highest completion standards and within stated timeframes. Our new home builds are proudly guaranteed for 7 years.

From previous industry experience we have seen building processes where the client is met and then not contacted until project end, where builders and planners are consistently unable to be contacted, and where communication between builder and client can become strained and ultimately breaks down. We have experienced that regardless of the quality of a completed build, a lack of communication during the building process leads to a disappointed client, which in turn leads to a disappointed building team who have providing their quality workmanship with the expectation of full customer satisfaction. This experience and insight led to the launch of GEO Builders, and a chance to do things differently.

For overall customer satisfaction and to maintain the pride of our hardworking GEO Builders team, we value creating an enjoyable building experience for our clients through providing highest building workmanship standards and excellent, open communication.

Building your new home should be a fun, exciting and stress-free process for you, as much as it is an enjoyable privilege for us, to be able to use our experience and expertise as the proud team who make your new home dreams a reality.

We offer complete build packages, inclusive of:

  • Fixed price new home build
  • Full plans
  • Joinery
  • Carpeting
  • Concrete driveway and front path
  • Hydroseed lawn

The interior design and furnishings of your home are at your discretion as the new homeowner.

What we provide is a new home build complete with carpet and joinery, ready for you to style with your own unique colours and furnishings.

Contact the team at GEO Builders today to discuss the dreams you have for your new home build, and to arrange a comprehensive or introductory one-on-one consultation to make a start on the path to your new home.